When booking an appointment:


Dress Me is appointment only

We book our appointments for an hour and a half 

Babies and young children – We love them, but unfortunately our working environment is unsuitable for children due to both the delicate nature of the dresses and the presence of scissors and pins. Choosing a wedding dress is a big decision and you will have a much more relaxed appointment if you can fully concentrate without having to worry about the little ones.

Start Early

Dress Me has Wedding Gowns for immediate purchase or to order, whichever suits your individual situation.  Some dresses can take up to 6 months to come in once ordered.  Remember your alterations take a month at least.


Call in Advance

  Dress Me is appointment only.  Saturdays book out usually a couple of weeks in advance.


Have a Price In Mind

Dress Me Gowns range in price from $1000 to $3000.  We do offer sale gowns (we usually keep about 25 sale gowns on hand) that are usually nicely discounted.  

Buy a Dress That Fits Now

Even if you're planning on dropping 15 pounds before your wedding, your body type isn't going to completely change. Besides, it's a lot easier (not to mention less expensive) to take a gown in than to try and make a too-small dress work.

Dress Me requires 1/2 down to order or to remove from the floor.

Dress me does not offer in house alterations. We do have a hidden gem, her name is Maria. We send all of our brides to her. She is located in Bullard, TX. Alterations are a separate cost.

Dress Me will do everything in our power to make this part of your Wedding a great experience.  

Thank you for letting us be involved in this most special time.