Bridesmaid Information


  • Bridesmaids are by appointment only.

  • Delivery for Bridesmaid dresses is about 12 weeks.


  • Rush fees are $20.00 per dress.


  • 50%  is required to place an order.

  • 100% is required to place an order that is to be dropped shipped. 

  • Drop ship fees are $20.00.


  • Bridesmaids dresses are not custom, we order the size closest to your measurements.

  • Bridesmaid dresses tend to run very small.

  • Once a Bridesmaid order is placed there are no cancellations or refunds. Merchandise may not be returned or exchanged.The remainder of the balance is due when the dress arrives.  


  • Most Bridesmaid dresses need some alteration as they are usually cut long to accommodate all heights, the bust area, and straps are made to accommodate all body types. 


  • Dress Me is not responsible for neglected merchandise 30 days after the wear date.  Abandoning items does not void balances due.


  • Returned check charges are $50.00.